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Development of employment contracts
Development of by-laws
Secondment of foreign employees to the Russian Federation
in employment law practice:
in migration law practice:

Development of employment contracts

In our opinion, each new signing of employment contract is necessary to assess the specifics of the work and the employment function of the employee. For certain categories of employees, there are special conditions for making an employment contract, which must be provided for in accordance with employment legislation.

The RECHTSANWALT ERICH RATH team will elaborate an employment contract based on your interests, as well as:

➞ Explain the conditions that must be included in the employment contract based on the specifics of the company
➞ Answer all the questions related to the terms of the employment contract

Development of by-laws

Employment relations between an employee and an employer are regulated not only by an employment contract, but also by the internal documents of the Company. In practice, we are faced the fact that companies do not pay due attention to this issue and use standard forms

Why is the individual development of internal documents necessary?

In addition to mandatory internal documents, the management may accept other documents that are necessary to regulate the activities of the company. Our team will help you to understand the necessity of them and to draw up by-laws, taking into account the specifics of the company's activities.
➞ First of all, by-laws are a tool that can work in the interests of the employer (with proper preparation).
➞ Secondly, the template wording is too general and does not take into account the specifics of the company's activities, and some issues remain unaccounted for.

Secondment of foreign employees to the Russian Federation

Support in the process of secondment of employees
➞ Oral and written consulting on migration legislation
➞ Advising on all issues related to the employment of foreign workers in the Russian Federation
➞ Support in obtaining a work visa
➞ Registration of a work permit
➞ Obtaining a residence permit

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