Corporate law and M&A

To be a step ahead
Relationship of legal and economic aspects

Key areas in legal corporate practice

Support of M&A transactions: from development of the target structure of the transaction to its closing
Development of company contracts and internal documentation
Legal Due Diligence
Joint ventures (creation of joint ventures)

Legal Due Diligence

➞ Legal Due Diligence helps to assess legal risks, as well as eliminate or minimize any negative consequences from the conclusion of a transaction or the purchase of assets.
➞ It helps, for example, to find out whether the acquired Society has litigation, whether its property has been partially or completely arrested.
➞ We also analyse and help to prevent the risks that could invalidate a deal

The service includes:

Detailed analysis of constituent documents
Analysis of document flow and work of management bodies
Verification of the charter capital, the rights of co-founders, the legality of the formation of assets
Verification of movable and immovable assets of the proposed object for investment
Analysis for possible claims from the company's creditors or counterparties
Finding out if there are any litigation, seizure of property and other risks
Checking the availability of licenses and permits

Development of company contracts

The main task of our team:
Transparency in work is one of the benefits of working with RECHTSANWALT ERICH RATH
is to conduct a detailed analysis of documents and determine their compliance with the law. We focus primarily on the legitimate interests and benefits of the client
Our team has proven qualifications
➞ Drawing up any type of standard or individual contract, taking into account all the requirements of the company
➞ Development of standard forms for current transactions or operations
➞ Analysis of already existing contracts and local regulations, identification of possible risks
➞ Assessment of documents offered by contractors, improvement of their conditions and negotiations with the other party
➞ Meaningful advice on any issues related to the conclusion of contracts and the development of internal documentation of the company
and internal documentation
Knows how to apply the law in the right direction:

What is included in our work?

Find out the goal and tasks
Draw up a project taking into account current legislative norms
Clarify the provisions of the document, adjusting individual items to meet the requirements of the company
Conduct an analysis of the situation, as well as the requests of the company

Support of M&A transactions

from development of the target structure of the transaction to its closing
a set of actions to merge one company with another or several companies. As a result of such a transaction, we are reorganizing companies and merging their capital.
Mergers and acquisitions —
To conclude such a deal, you must go through a number of procedures:
➞ Negotiate and approve an M&A deal
➞ Legal and financial due diligence
➞ Draft an agreement of intent to conduct a transaction
In our opinion, this complex task clearly requires qualified assistance.

What is included in our work?

Evaluate the risks
Negotiations to agree on the terms of the forthcoming transaction
The lawyers of the RECHTSANWALT ERICH RATH team provide a full range of services related to the conclusion of the transaction and the entire M&A process:
Advising on any issues related to M&A
Structuring, closing of the M&A transaction
Preparation of agreement of intent for the transaction
Due diligence

Joint ventures

The team lawyers have many years of experience in corporate law and joint ventures.

We can provide comprehensive support on:

➞ Legal support at all stages of the transaction
➞ Creation and support of activities of joint ventures with both Russian and foreign beneficiaries
➞ Structuring and restructuring of joint ventures
➞ Participation in negotiations, documentation process and representation of the client's interests in the registration authorities
➞ Development of an optimal corporate governance structure
➞ Development of corporate contracts
Сreation of joint ventures

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